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Bathroom Repair Services Western Suburbs Melbourne

Due to the constant exposure to the water, the bathroom tiles go through more wear and tear than the tiles of other areas of your home.

Bathroom renovation is a great way to lay some new tiles and improve the look of your bathroom. You can also include some additional features in your bathroom, such as modern counters and hangers, etc.

  • We remove the old floor and wall tiles and make the surface ready for new tiling work.
  • We check that the drainage system and lighting fixtures & fittings don’t get affected.
  • We apply membrane on the floor, and once it dries, we lay tiles on the top of it.
  • We use mortar, grout, adhesives, and other material of superior quality.

After renovation or Bathroom Repair Services, if you feel any rework is required, we would happily do it for you, as we put client satisfaction above everything else.

Bathroom Repair Service

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